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Mobile Photography Survey

Hey there,

Here’s a little survey that I thought would be fun to try.

I will share the results once complete.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge May Theme

Hey there,

It’s been a while but I was away in France for the first half of April and been busy since my return. France was great and I plan on writing a small post with some of the highlights but for now I need to announce the theme for the May challenge. Sooooo the theme is “Street Signs” and I hope this will inspire you all to participate. April’s theme “foolish” was far from a success, even I didn’t get a shot done :-( , no problem keep looking forward and do better this time right? Right.

Google image search here that has some interesting examples.

Here’s a shot I took just tonight while on a walk with my wife.

stop sign

Enjoy the rest of the week and as always thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge April Theme

Hey there,

So I thought “Foolish” would be an appropriate theme for April. This can be a fun theme so play with the idea and let’s see some foolish mobile images. :-) As always you can post your images to the Flickr group here.

Been very busy recently and I haven’t had much time for the blog but I will get some content this month although only towards the end of the month. Stay tuned and keep shooting.

BTW I noticed that Instagram has opened to Android users and that is great news. The community will grow a lot faster now. If you’re an Android user go download the app here.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Instagram and the Montreal Highlights Festival

Hey there,

“MONTRÉAL EN LUMIÈRE is one of the largest winter festivals in the world, an annual celebration drawing 900,000 fans to experience the joy of Montréal wintertime through a unique program combining performing arts, gastronomy, free outdoor family activities, and a full night of exquisitely original discoveries!” as described on the Montreal Highlights Festival official website. The festival also has a special night called “La Nuit Blanche” translated as… well literally the White Night but it doesn’t really work in English. Anyway it’s a night of activities that run from 6pm until 6am the following morning. I had never been before but the Montreal Instagram group asked me if I would take shots during the festival. I had planned to go anyway and so of course I accepted the offer. I received a media pass that gave me access to go anywhere. I thought I would write a post on how the event went and my Instagram experience.

The festival asked that we cover 20 different events between the 5 photographers that were issued a media pass. We separated the events between the 5 of us and then it was up to each of us to plan our itinerary. We had a unique hashtag that we used to identify the shots taken from our gang and some were picked up by The Gazette on their website. Have a look at the stream of images that used that tag here. The festival has events in a few different areas that are not within walking distance of each other. This made it more difficult to cover for my events. Thanks to the free shuttles I was able to get to where I needed to be easily. It was a cold evening so I had to dress accordingly. The Instagram group met at 7:30pm to pick up our media passes and meet some of the group. Then we were off to start working on our shot lists

I wanted to shoot the Bran Van 3000 show even if it wasn’t on my list of events. I had a hard time getting to the stage because the show was about to start and there were people everywhere. I finally made it to the front of the stage, thanks in part to my media pass :-), and was ready and two minutes later the show started. Awesome!!

So I also brought my Nikon D300 dslr with me knowing that there would be many great opportunities for some great shots. For the BV3 show I switched between the iPhone and the D300. I posted some of the D300 shots on my Flickr account if you are interested check them out here.

One of the events I had to cover was “Fabric Sculptures” at the “W Montreal” hotel – Spontaneous creations of “Haute Couture” dresses on a live model. Each performance will be created live in front of your eyes at each hour. When I got there the designer was almost finished her creation and there wasn’t a spot that I liked to get a good shot. The media pass around my neck gave me the courage to go sit right in front of the model and designer to get some shots. I wasn’t in anyones way so it was all good. I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. The W is really amazing inside. Here are two shots I made there.

There was a light painting activity where people were given handheld lights and were asked to move them around to create light shapes. Their was a camera on a tripod setup and linked to two TV’s that showed everyone the results. The guests could get their creations sent to their Facebook pages. I wasn’t sure what to shoot for this event because it was so dark. I took a shot of one of the TV screens and was happy with it. In retrospect I could’ve used the Slowshutter app but didn’t think of it then, dumb dumb!

There were all kinds of art showcases. I stopped by the The Galerie Michel-Ange with its dynamic and electrifying PoP Explosif exhibition, featuring works by internationally acclaimed pop artists Boudro, Roger Katch and guest artist Norma Bessière.

I also went to Espace Verre and saw glass blowing in action.  There was also an exposition of varied works by the very talented students. Espace Verre is a non-profit organization that offers education, promotion and other services to people interested in the glass arts.

There were activities everywhere, people everywhere, food and beverages everywhere, music, lights action and you guessed it cameras everywhere! I spent 7 hours on the site (from 7pm till 2am) and didn’t come close to seeing everything I wanted to see.

I’m looking forward to next year’s Highlights Festival and La Nuit Blanche 2013 !

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge March Theme

Hey there,

So February is over and we’re into March. Sixteen images were submitted for last month’s theme “Letting go” to the Flickr group pool. We’ve had some new people join the challenge and I thought I would welcome them here. Paul Johnrou BechaydaPison Jaujip, Harper Bloom and Nakeva Corothers have all joined in February. So thanks to you all. If you haven’t peeked into their photo streams yet please do and show a little love :-)

So the theme for March is “contrast“. Simple and nothing flashy but I expect the images you all submit to be, well real contrasty. The contrast doesn’t necessarily have to be in the tones but can be in the subject matter as well, so think about that also.

I had a little scare this week when the camera on my iPhone wouldn’t focus anymore. I tried the native phone camera app and other apps as well but none of them could focus, so I was convinced it was a hardware problem. I made a service call to Apple and in the end went to the Apple store where they replaced the camera. It was covered under warranty so it didn’t cost me a penny. Woohoo :-). I thought they might replace the phone and give me an iPhone 4s but no luck! Oh well it’s all good. I also appear to have a battery issue. It is draining very quickly. The genius at the Apple store told me to wipe my iPhone clean and then configure it up again like it was a new iPhone. I backed up the camera roll and made sure iCloud was up to date and will try to wipe it this weekend.

We’ve just received a nice amount of fresh awesome fluffy white snow, yahoo. Here’s a shot from last weekend taken in Montreal after another bit of snow. Winter has come late this year.

Thanks for reading and good luck with this month’s challenge.



iPhone Video Fun and more…

Hey there,

Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently and thought I would share with you.

Guy Yang from The Beginners Lens and Jack Hollingsworth (pro photographer) have started a talk show based on iPhoneography. I’ve embedded the 1st video here.

Jack had a really great workshop at creativeLive not long ago. It was a two-day free workshop if you watched it live. It’s now available for $79 and is worth it if you’re into iPhoneography.

Here’s a funny video on YouTube.

The Montreal Instagram community are organizing a meetup this Saturday night for the “Nuit Blanche à Montréal”, if you’re in the area  you should try to check it out.

And I’ll continue with one more fun YouTube video.

As always thanks for reading AND watching :-), Patrick


Iris Photo Suite, ZAGG and the Olloclip

Hey there,

I ordered the Zaggsparq 2.0 portable charger today. It will be useful for when I’m out and plan on using my iPhone a lot. It’s great because it has two USB ports so you can charge two devices simultaneously. It carries up to 4 charges which appears more than enough for my needs.

I received my Olloclip just a few days ago and am looking forward to testing it out. I’ll post some examples soon.

I’ve had the Iris Photo Suite app for a while but never used it much because I didn’t like the interface all that much. After seeing so many people mention it as one of their goto apps I figured I should give it a second chance. I’m finding it to be very powerful. I like the way you can mask most of the effects you apply to an image. You can create an “image mask” that can be used again and again with the various effects and filters. Here is an example of an image I created an image mask over the lamp shade which enabled me to apply effects to the shade alone or the rest of the image by using an inverted image mask.

I replaced the original green background with the blue background with their replace color tool. It was so easy and fast to do. You just select the colour range you want replaced then select the new colour you want to use. Then you apply the effect with the image mask created earlier and voila!

I also wanted to let you all know that I will be starting up the “Image of the Week” series again soon only it will no longer be an image a week! It was a little too much work for me to select and prepare the post each week and I don’t want to rush it or feel like I HAVE to publish an image every week. So I will continue to feature an image, give my comments and also include artist links and info as I was doing before and them whenever I can. I have a couple of photographers lined up and so you can expect to see something very soon. I guess I’ll have to change the title of the series to something else eh?

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge February Theme

Hey there,

So the January challenge is over and 18 images from 12 different mobile photographers were submitted to the Flickr group. Thanks to everyone who participated !!! I was happy to see that some people went ahead with the self-portrait even if they were uncomfortable. Each image is unique and is great to look through them all as a collection.

So the theme for February is “Letting Go“. Ok so this theme is a little more open to interpretation than January’s theme, self-portrait, but can in fact be easier for some people. If you look at this Google image search result of letting go you’ll see lots of hands letting go of objects. Some of them are interesting and well done but try think of the theme on a personal level. Have you let go of something or someone recently? Letting go can appear as a sad theme at first but it doesn’t have to be, you could be letting go of some stress that has been weighing you down for a while or letting go of a responsibility you never wanted. It doesn’t even have to be about you! It could be anything you want it to be. So we have until February 29th to submit up to 3 images to the Flickr group. Have fun…

No restriction this time on format so anything goes.

As in January please submit your images to the Flickr group pool but you can also add your images in the discussion thread for the February theme. This is a better method for discussing among the people who are doing the challenge.

Thanks for reading and good luck, Patrick


January Mobile Photography Challenge Ending Soon…

Hey there,

So the Flickr group has been created and there are images posted. We have 9 more days to go before the end of the month and a new theme will be announced. Still time if any of you want to join in :-)

Remember you can post up to 3 images if you like.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge – January 2012

Hey there,

Ok so I hope everyone has recovered from all the celebrating over the holidays! I had a great time but welcome the return to my regular routines.

Back in December I announced the Mobile Photography Challenge 2012, and so here now are the details for the January Challenge;

  • The theme this month is “Self Portrait”, I know this may be difficult for some but this IS a challenge right? Also it will be a good way to get to know you all a little better. Here’s a link that can help you with some ideas :-)
  • The image should be square format, ratio of 1:1
  • You can use any apps you like (or none at all) as long as all editing is done on the mobile phone. You cannot edit your image on your desktop or laptop computer. I can accept a tablet like the iPad.
  • Other than that it can be interpreted any way you like.

Remember this is a “Mobile” challenge so that means you need to capture AND edit your image on your mobile (cell) phone’s camera. It doesn’t have to be an Apple iPhone, it can be any cell phone you have.

I will create a Flickr group where you can add your image to. It will be a public but by invitation only group. This way it will be easier to manage for me and also keep it focused between the people who are participating in the challenges and not random people on Flickr who are just looking to dump images and not really interested in the challenge or group itself. Everyone who has contacted me with an interest in the challenge will receive and invitation to the group.

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for reading, Patrick