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September 29, 2011


iPhone Lens Systems and Fostex Audio Recorder

by Patrick Gervais

Hey there,

I’m discovering all kinds of hardware add-ons for the iPhone. There are specialty lenses like the iPro system from Schneider Optics. This looks pretty darn awesome I must say. Two lenses, wide-angle and a fisheye. They are not yet available for sale but should be by mid October. Ok are you ready for the price? $199, Hey now, that’s serious cash!!

Another lens kit is the olloclip. This kit includes 3 lenses, wide-angle, macro & fisheye. This kit is much more affordable at $69.95 and you get an extra lens compared to the iPro system. I wonder if the optics can compare to the iPro?

Photojojo also has a system of lenses for the iPhone. All 3 lenses are only $49.00.

All these 3 lens systems may be a question of you get what you pay for and it depends what you want. I like the idea of adding optical options to the iPhone. I’ll wait and see some reviews when the iPro system comes out and perhaps I can convince my wife that one of these systems would make a wonderful Christmas gift ;-)

And well I’m kinda lusting over this audio recorder by Fostex. The idea of using my iPhone to record high quality audio is really great. It’s officially on my wish list.

iPhone audio interface by Fostex

Fostex AR-4i Audio Interface

I’ve been thinking of the popular audio recorders like the Zoom products and other similar models. B & H have a good buyer’s guide here. You see my other big passion, besides photography, is music. I’ve played drums for a long time and although not as seriously as I used to, I still get together with friends regularly to jam, write and record music. My idea is to use the AR-4i to record audio of jam sessions so we can later go back and listen. Many of my friends have home studios and I also have a basic home studio set up (older pro tools system) but that is more for serious recording. You have to set up all the mics, cables, open a session, get the levels etc… but if I want something quick to capture an idea and still get good quality I think this may be it. It’s available as a pre-order at B & H Photo for $149.99.

On another note I ordered the iRig from the Apple store. It’s basically a cable adapter that allows you to go from a 1/4″ cable to the iPhone. It’s $39.99 so not too expensive compared to other solutions I’ve seen, but very expensive when you consider it’s basically a cable adapter that probably costs $5.00 to make including the packaging!! Anyway moving on…  With this I’ll be able to plug my guitar directly into the iPhone and get much better recording audio compared to using the iPhone mic. My cousin (who is a great guitarist) has one and he’s really happy with it. There is also a free app from AmpliTube that I’ll try.

All this iPhone photography/recording stuff is just awesome and lots of fun.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


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