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October 2, 2011


Image of the Week #3

by Patrick Gervais

Hey there,

This week’s image is from Rob unruly_e. When I saw this image I was really taken back at the uniqueness and quality of light it has. I thought to myself “wow, you can shoot images like this with the iPhone?” and was inspired. Rob used the iPhone 4 with Hipstamatic, tiffen, fs, lens light for this image.

We said good night to Irene and drifted off sawing logs.

We said good night to Irene and drifted off sawing logs.

Rob’s image was selected as one of iPhoneogenic top images for August.

Taken from Rob’s Flickr profile page:

“A Strong iPhoneography Community is Important for the Art

We have the great good fortune of being on the front end of a new art form. Along with that glee comes the responsibility to help build the strongest iPhoneography community we can. You see, a strong community of artists builds a strong product, which in turn generates interest not only in that immediate product but also attracts new participants. Those new participants go on to become not only contributing members the community with a strong appreciation for the work of others but also – for you commercially-minded artists out there – are much more inclined to purchase iPhoneography.

We build a strong community through participation – commenting on the work of others (at several times the rate at which we post) – as well as through education. Taking a long, thoughtful look at the pieces produced by fellow members helps not only the artist who created the work (by giving them a fresh POV), but also the intelligent artist who is commenting on the work by forcing them to stop, look, react, think, disassemble, and generally inform their own artistic processes.”

Looking through his images you’ll notice a wide range of subjects from minimalist landscapes to elaborate composite images with textures. I can tell he likes “apping” as it’s being called. He has a great eye for striking compositions and great light. I hope you enjoy his images as much as I do.

Thanks again to Rob for allowing me to use his image here :-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick

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  1. Oct 2 2011

    Many thanks for the great feature Patrick!


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