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October 9, 2011


Image of the Week #4

by Patrick Gervais

Hey there,

Roger Guetta is an artist based in Montreal. I discovered his work this September at the Montreal Apple store where he was making a presentation on iPhoneography. He’s one of four members of the “iPhoneography MTL” group.  I’ll have links to all the various places (there are many!!) where you can find his work at the end of this post.

Roger’s image “Kalipha” is a good example of his style, although he creates many different types of images. One thing that is consistent in his work is the depth. A lot of textures, graphics, text and compositing. I remember Roger saying at the Apple store that he didn’t necessarily have a specific workflow but he instead likes to follow his intuition and hopes for a “eureka” moment to come while working on his images.

Kalipha by Roger Guetta

Kalipha by Roger Guetta

I asked Roger if he would like to contribute an idea, comment, tip or anything really for me to include in this post and he was kind enough to send me this below. Thanks Roger ;-)

“I follow one ‘eureka’ moment after another when I play in the fields of apps. At times I’m just a tweaker; when the image I composed screams…” don’t you touch me, I’m good enough.”

These are mostly of people I asked to insta-pose. The expression,  speaks volumes. No need for me to belabour the point!

When I am in a ‘belabouring’ state of mind I traipse around from one app to another until the metaphors, cryptic ruminations, visual poetry, colours, scratches and blends are all in a row.

I feel passionate about the process. I get lost in decision making. I feed off what the app offers. I slam dunk or fall on my head. I coerce, cajole and caress my dear apps. I shoot reality and blend it up to explore the ‘other then real’ possibilities. I say ‘other then real’ because it is not surreal per say, as it is not born of dreams but of conjectures. Questions to be considered by engaging in the lure of the image (that is; it’s structure, composition, elements and mood.) At least that is the play of thoughts and emotions I hope viewers experience when witnessing my work.

I consider iPhoneography as an emerging art form and feel very fortunate to be a part of it. There is a growing mobile art community on the web, which adds to the allure. The positive energy, supportive instincts and thoughtful commentary exchanged on this ‘platform  of enthusiasts,’  forwards the movement immensely.”

Roger Guetta

Here below are links to the many places you can find more of Roger’s work, enjoy…

Personal website

Flickr photostream

iPhoneArt Gallery

iPhoneography website

Instagram name: @draman

EM Café exposition not sure when this exposition ends…

Thanks to Roger for allowing me to use his image here and I hope you all take some time to explore his work.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


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