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October 18, 2011


My Canon G10 is Retiring

by Patrick Gervais

my point and shoot collecting dust

My Canon G10

Hey there,

I feel sad, my trusty Canon G10 has been collecting dust these last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love that camera. It’s a tank! Very solid, and I love all the manual dials for quick access to make exposure changes. It really is a great compact. Well as far as compacts go, it is big and heavy and so can hardly be called a compact. It’s just now that I’m using the iPhone so much I just don’t bring the G10 along anymore. It does outperform the iPhone hands down, especially in low light. But my phone is always with me and the G10 although small enough, doesn’t fit in my pockets and so needs a little planning if I bring it along.

Compact camera manufacturers are losing market share to smart phones more and more. For most people it is just easier to take their phone a snap a quick shot and then share it with a touch on the screen. We bought our daughter a nice Canon point & shoot last Christmas and she hardly uses it, she uses her iPod! The future for point & shoot cameras (a single purpose tool) is quickly losing its value for most consumers. It’s a different story for pro or serious hobbyists, we can appreciate the value of a good point & shoot but for how long?

Of course my G10 is still being used but just A LOT less now. This summer I used my iPhone while at different concerts and it was pretty much useless! If I had my G10 I would’ve got some better shots. So in certain situations I’ll still need my trusty G10. Hey that shot of the G10 was taken with my iPhone, processed with the TtV Photo Studio app and after emailed it to my hosting service and then linked here in this blog post, all without connecting any wires. It just works right? HA love it, so much fun ;-)

BTW, here’s an iOS5 update – Each time I connect my iPhone to my mac I get the pop-up letting me know about the new software update and I am sooooo tempted to click update BUT I have remained true to my post last week and did not update yet ;-) Very tempting to say YES update! It’s such a positive thing right? I have read that the new iCloud service is causing some issues regarding photos. It seems you cannot select which images get transferred to iCloud, it’s either all or nothing. So that means each and every crappy shot that I take will get transferred between each device that is connected to iCloud. Sounds like more of a pain than helpful. You can turn off the photos from being transferred in case it gets too much. Anyway I’m still holding off upgrading to iOS5 for now but will probably in the next week unless I hear of some big issues.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


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