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October 23, 2011


Image of the Week #6

by Patrick Gervais
Image pic #41 by Souichi Furusho

Image pic #41 by Souichi Furusho

Hey there,

Souichi Furusho is a relative newcomer to photography but has made a big splash with his amazing iPhoneography.  Souichi is a graphic designer in Japan and only started with iPhotography earlier this year. I really love this image with its symmetry, silhouetted figure, square format and black & white treatment. Isn’t that a winning recipe??? Many of Souichi’s images have silhouettes with very clean and simple compositions. Although most of his work is in black & white, he also treats colour in a unique way with often only one prominent colour. Looking through his Flickr stream you’ll see that he has sets based on selected colours, which is an interesting way to view those images. They all have very high impact. I particularly love this one. The next photo in his Flickr stream also goes with this one and creates a larger image.

There is a short interview between Soichi and iPhoneogenic here when he was selected as iPhoneographer of the week a couple of months ago.

Links to where to connect with Souichi

I hope you enjoy Souichi’s work and spend some time exploring his interesting creations.
Thanks for reading, Patrick
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  1. Richard Tétreault
    Oct 24 2011

    Hi Patrick, this is a superb image and I agree with your comments. It seems to me that a background in graphic design is an excellent mean to become a good photographer. Lots of people focus on equipments and technical aspects however I believe the artistic aspects of photography are the ones that matter the most.

    • Oct 24 2011

      Hi Richard, yes for sure and Souichi’s work is a good example of vision and creativity overcoming equipment limitations. :-)


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