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November 9, 2011


Is Less Really More?

by Patrick Gervais

A Lesser Photographer

Hey there,

I just finished reading “A Lesser Photographer – A Manifesto” by CJ Chilvers.

CJ explains the idea behind it as below. Taken from his blog page.

“Photographers are being bombarded by content that has only further removed them from their creativity (and money). They’re aching for something to cut through the nonsense and remind them of why they fell in love with photography in the first place.

This is my manifesto; universal truths I’ve learned since selling off my fancy cameras and challenging myself to maximize my creativity by minimizing everything else.”

It is free to download and is an easy read. I suggest you do just that. I especially enjoyed the part where CJ talks about how many blogs and even top photographers are “selling” the idea of “going pro” to wanna-be photographers who are disillusioned with the idea of becoming a pro photographer.

I don’t think I’m ready to get rid of my dslr just yet! :-) I am having lots of fun with my iPhone but I also really LOVE my dslr. I also have a Canon G10 point and shoot that is collecting dust but still has its place for times when I know I’ll have some good photo opportunities, maybe in low light conditions, but don’t want to lug around my dslr.

Let me know what you think about the Manifesto. Do you agree?

Thanks for reading, Patrick

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  1. Richard Tétreault
    Nov 10 2011

    Hi Patrick, thank you so much for sharing this document. A lesser photographer is one of the most important and well written article I have read about photography. I took the liberty of posting it on the CPSL page for the benefit of others. Love your blog. Take care.

    • Nov 10 2011

      Thanks Richard, good idea to post to the CPSL page. Thanks for your support of the blog :-)

  2. Nov 10 2011

    Wow, what a refreshing read! I especially like that it’s brief and well-written. Very cool of CJ to offer that for free. I personally think every hobby has its gearheads (golf clubs & guitar pedals come to mind), and while it’s part of the fun to geek out over the latest thingy, it’s the creativity and experience that really matter. And that’s amplified when sharing with others. That’s why I dig Instagram so much. It gets right to the good stuff. Thanks for posting this!

    • Nov 10 2011

      The analogy with golf & guitar pedals is a good one. Being a musician myself I have many musician friends I can say that it is the same as photography. It reminds me of the movie “It Might Get Loud” with Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page. The movie starts with Jack building an electric guitar with a piece of wood, a nail, a wire and a crappy pickup and then takes a Coke bottle and starts playing it and making some amazing sounds. Awesome!! Less is definitely more in this case :-)

  3. Thanks much for posting this, Patrick. CJ presents his argument succinctly and with the right dose of conviction. It makes great food for thought, and I may have missed it had you not done this write-up.

    • Nov 10 2011

      Thanks Alan, happy to pass this on and thanks to CJ for writing his manifesto.


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