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Happy Holidays

Hey there,

I wish you all a very happy holidays ;-) Enjoy this special time with family and friends. I will not be posting the Image of the Week series until the new year. It’s a very busy time for me with work and also with all the holiday activity.

I will spend some time in the next weeks thinking about the Mobile Photography Challenge 2012 and will be posting about it soon. I have the theme for January figured out ;-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge 2012

Hey there,

I’ve been thinking of doing some kind of mobile photography challenge in 2012. I first thought of doing another 365 project only with my iPhone but have decided to do something different. I thought it would be fun to create a challenge along with other mobile photographers so we can share and follow each other throughout the year. So my idea is to have a monthly challenge that anyone can participate in. We can  help and encourage each other and after each challenge we can share the images and discuss them together.

The challenge would be given at the beginning of each month and images would be submitted by the end of the month. We could then organize a discussion. I have a few ideas on how to go about this, maybe a Google+ Hangout or a Flickr group. Any ideas??

I would like to hear back from you to see if you are interested in this challenge and am open to all your suggestions as to the logistics.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #13 – Max Berkowitz

portrait of a boy with swimming goggles

"Zen" by Max Berkowitz

As I was looking through Max’s images this one jumped out at me. There is real focus in the boys eyes. Is he cold or just getting ready for his race? I like the treatment Max uses here, the blur all around except for the face and hair and also the clean white background works well to keep the focus on the eyes.

Max has a photo blog on Tumblr titled MAXS iPhotos that you can check out here. He posts images and also some iPhone product info that are of interest to iPhoneographers.

Connect with Max here:

I hope you enjoyed this week’s image. Do you have a suggestion for an image of the week? Drop me a line and let me know.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Random Thoughts

Hey there,

I just thought I would post a bunch of miscellaneous links and things that…

  • The Beginners’ Lens – A group of people creating learning resources for digital and mobile photography. They have lots of great iPhoneography resources including interviews with some great iPhoneographers.
  • iPhone Camera Essentials – This is a good resource for iPhone users. Created by The Beginners’ Lens people, they started a video series that is really well done. Two videos so far with one more to come, go check them out. They also send out tips if you sign up, at times very basic stuff but some more advanced information as well.
  • Watch this interesting video from ABC Arts Online on Mobile Photography.
  • 12 Tips for Improving Camera Phone Photos from the very popular blog Digital Photography School.
  • Android Leads the iPhone?? Read this article and see if you agree.

Finally here’s a photo of a camera my daughter made in her science class. I’m amazed to see it display the image on the wax paper backing. You move the lens tube in and out to focus and that is it. Ahhhh the essence of photography I guess eh? Click the images to see larger view.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week Correction

Hey there,

Please note that I made a spelling error in the last post regarding Shel Serkin. Sheldon’s last name was mis-spelled, I have since corrected the post. His Twitter and Instagram handles were also corrected to the correct @shelserkin. My apologies to Sheldon :-(

Also note that Shel will be sending me some answers I raised regarding his “Stan” image and I will post them on the blog.

Thanks, Patrick


Image of the Week #12 – Sheldon Serkin

photo of man standing next to piano

"Stan" by Shel Serkin

Hey there,

Meet Stan! Isn’t this a great image? I really love this shot. The simplicity of the composition, the use of black & white processing, the cleanliness of the room, the well dressed Stan all alone with the piano. Even the distance between Stan and the piano is a bit odd (which I like), he is not too close but looking on from a respectful distance with his hands behind his back, and it looks like he’s leaning towards the piano a bit. This image could’ve been taken 30 or 40 years ago. Did you notice the wall to the right that comes out from the back wall? It creates a perfect balance for Stan who stands between the piano and this wall section. This image has a story and it raises many questions like;

  • Who is Stan? Is he the pianist, security guard, admirer of the piano??
  • Where is this image taken? It doesn’t look like a concert hall but more like a museum.
  • What is that box on the wall behind the piano?
There is a story in this image and that is what makes it work for me.

Connect with Sheldon on Twitter and Instagram @shelserkin on Flickr here.

Sheldon also has a Tumblr Hipstamatic blog right here.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s selection.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #11 – Pat Shourds

Yosemite Falls by Pat Shourds

Hi there,

Yosemite Falls by Pat Shourds is a great shot. It has amazing detail in the stone, and the dramatic sky adds a lot. This was shot with an iPhone 3gs and is impressive for that camera, or phone eh or smart phone, he he he.

I asked Pat to explain the Yosemite Falls shot and so here it is:  “A one shot serendipity. If you’re out exploring long enough, it will eventually happen to all of us. In Landscape photography it’s been said, “No Light, No Clouds, No Shot”. When I processed the image, I tried to play the power of the water and sky against a tranquil landscape. I roiled up the clouds, and turned them Black and White. Dodging and burning, saturation, and selective sharpening rounded out the processing.”

Pat was kind enough to give us a little background as to his beginnings with photography:

“My photo beginnings go back to my kid days. A Brownie Box Camera for Christmas. In High School my dad built me a small darkroom in the garage. I shot Black and White and made lots of bad prints, but had a blast. I always had a camera along to record my mountain adventures and purchased my first digital camera in 2005. I’ve shot all kinds of events, done portraits etc., but my true love has always remained in landscape photography. I’ve participated in several gallery shows in Santa Barbara. I process, and print all my own images, with few exceptions.

Bought my first iphone in 2009 thinking I would use the camera for snapshots to send to family and friends. When I started using Twitter I quickly found a lively group of creative people producing the most amazing images from that “Little Thing”. I was hooked! Kudos to all the “Early Birds” who shinned a bright light into the world of iphoneography.

 Lately I have gravitated back to my passion of landscape photography.

On my recent 3 week trip to the Eastern Sierra, I took an equal number of iphone and DSLR shots, often coming up with better iphone compositions. The iphone, with its “Live View” makes it easy to explore different POVs and take and review lots of images quickly. So I use my DSLR to compliment my iphone and vise versa. Best of both worlds.

My goto apps are Filterstorm, Tiffen PhotoFx, Touch Retouch, Photoforge2, Snapseed,and BlurFx. With my new iphone 4s I mostly use the native camera, but also Camera Genius, and Pro HDR .”

Thanks to Pat for sharing. You can connect with him here:

Thank you all for reading and a special happy Thanksgiving Sunday to all the American readers, enjoy your day with family, friends food and lots of football :-) Patrick


Filterstorm 4, Annie Leibovitz and more iPhone lenses!!!

Hey there,

Yahoo! The recent update to Filterstorm now adds layers! The main reason I use Photoforge2 is because of the layers, now I have a second option. Filterstorm 4 has lots of great features including opacity and blending modes with each layer. The masking tool works really well and you can switch tools while masking including the move tool so it’s much easier than Photoforge2. I will be playing with it to explore all the new features.

What does Annie Leibovitz think about the iPhone camera? I thought I would throw this in here just for fun :-)

And here is an image I made the other night. It’s a detail shot from a bottle of tequila I bought in Mexico this summer. Imagine if I had a macro lens for the iPhone.

Agave plant in glass

Agave by Patrick Gervais

I had a post a while back where I talked about different iPhone lenses that were available. Since then there have been a few more on the market;

  1. Holga has this new contraption, only $25 but looks pretty odd!
  2. PhotoJoJo has added a second model for serious iPhoneographers, expensive at $249 and looks really bulky.
  3. There was another one I saw recently but can’t find it now.
I think I’m leaning towards the olloclip myself.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #10 – Dixon Hamby

Hey there,

This is an image from Dixon Hamby’s pole art street series. You can see them all on his Flickr page. This series is based on combining posters from street poles and including the surroundings to add to the impact and often create a play on many elements. It is ever-growing with new work being added all the time.

I first saw Dixon’s work in “The Art of iPhoneography” book where he is one of the featured photographers. He says “Photography keeps me in the present. It’s essentially a part of my life. No matter what problems I’ve had, I’ve always been able to take pictures. Photography makes me see the world and helps me shift my focus off my own problems.” Dixon is a Twitter consultant and teaches classes at a Seattle college. He is a very active Twitter tweeter, uh or whatever you call someone who tweets a lot, other than actual birds that is :-) he he he.

You can connect with Dixon here;

Dixon has exhibited his work at Pixels at an Exhibition in Berkeley California, Eye’Em Exhibition in Berlin in 2010 and iPhoneography and the Automobile Exhibition 2010 in Milan, Italy.

Thanks to Dixon for allowing the use of his image :-)

Thanks to you so much for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #9 – Clint Cline

Walking with Lomora | Spekled

Walking with Lomora | Spekled by Clint Cline

Hey there,

Happy Sunday everyone! Clint Cline’s image “Walking with Lomora | Speckled” caught my eye immediately. There’s a quality of light, composition and colour that just hit me. It is also different from what I’ve seen from Clint. If you look through his Flickr photo stream you’ll see lots of artistic composite work with textures and graphics. I found out from Clint that he likes to take a break from his normal style of heavily apped images and focus on “photography using light and form instead of effects.” Clint has many Flickr sets based on different topics and concepts. This is a good way to view his many works.

The below text was sent to me from Clint for this blog post.

What an honor to be featured at Going Mobile!

I’m a Florida-based writer/designer/shooter. I began photography as a photojournalist where I saw the world principally through the grains of TriX400. From there I moved on to experiment with odd and rare film types. I made the digital leap reluctantly 10 years ago, making quite a show of kicking and screaming at the time. In fact, just last month I gave in and donated a freezer full of film (you know, the long dark stuff with sprockets…) to a school with a real photo lab! And while I still own several DSLRs, they’ve since taken a backseat to my iPhone.

What an amazing time to be alive! Digital has spawned a tremendous democratization of visual expression and – despite the claptrap that inevitably arises – we are all better for it. In the Proverbs it says ‘as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another’ …. likewise the explosive evolution in digital photography (and now iPhonography) is challenging and pushing and elevating a larger discussion on the power and use of visual communication. Now with the advent of spatial cameras that allow the viewer to actually control what they see in an image – shifting intent from the photographer to the viewer – we’re about to see another seismic shift in visual expression. I only hope it comes with the sense of community that has arisen with iPhonography. I am sharpened everyday to see the abundance of talent, some directed, some still making its way, that finds expression through the iPhone.

If I had to sum up a philosophy of the way I shoot, I’d turn to C.S. Lewis (Narnia) and echo his comment that, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Clint’s works have been exhibited in Venarey le Laumes, France at the Exposition d’iPhonographie, at Pennsylvania’s Photo Media Center’s inaugural iPhoneArt show, on P1xels,, LifeInLoFi, and by several app developers such as ProCamera and Scratchcam.

I hope you enjoy Clint’s work and spend some time browsing his images. Thank you Clint for being so helpful.

Thanks for reading, Patrick