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Image of the Week #8 – AikBeng Chia

Mr Chua by AikBeng Chia

Hey there,

I’m very happy to be featuring AikBeng Chia this week. He’s known in the iPhoneography community simply as ABC and has an impressive following. This image, “Mr. Chua”, is part of a series of shots where AikBeng meets Mr. Chua, who is a homeless 81-year-old man, on the streets of Singapore. AikBeng finds Mr. Chua again and brings him for a meal when this image was taken. You can see the whole series here on ABC’s Flickr stream. I think this is a good representation of AikBeng’s style, lots of b & w street photography. You can feel Mr. Chua’s difficult life in this portrait.

ABC is a recent member of “The Mobile Photo Group“. Established in 2011, The Mobile Photo Group is an international collective of mobile photographers dedicated to promoting their work and presenting mobile photography as an important and evolving form of photography.

See here for a spotlight on the Eyeem site.

Connect with AikBeng here;

I’ll close here with a quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson that AikBeng feels sums up street portraiture ; “In a portrait, I’m looking for the silence in somebody.”

Thanks for reading, Patrick


iOS5 Update and

Hey there,

Ok so I upgraded to iOS5 Sunday night and all went well. No issues at all except for the audio source has switched to my Bluetooth device a few times while on a phone call even though my device was nowhere near me. I now turn off the Bluetooth service when I’m not in the car, saves the battery also. I am supposed to have access to the camera right from the locked screen but it isn’t always there for some reason. It is there at times but not always!! I tested it once when I saw the icon on the lock screen and was able to get into the camera & take a photo without unlocking the iPhone but was then able to access the iPhone without having to enter my passcode. Not good! I’ll have to look into this for sure.  I haven’t had time to really look into all the new features yet but will in time.

I recently discovered this new website from a friend. The site is new and in Beta testing but open to everyone from what I can tell. You upload your images and they get entered in a duel with other images in similar categories. They have a mobile category which is great. It’s free but you do need to vote in the photo duels to get credits to be able to upload more images. The quality of images is good and some of it is really amazing. You can also search for photographers in each category and I have discovered many that way. It’s fun so I recommend you give it a try. I’ve uploaded a few images and you can see them here if you like. Not all images I uploaded are iPhone shots.

That’s it for now.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


My Canon G10 is Retiring

my point and shoot collecting dust

My Canon G10

Hey there,

I feel sad, my trusty Canon G10 has been collecting dust these last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love that camera. It’s a tank! Very solid, and I love all the manual dials for quick access to make exposure changes. It really is a great compact. Well as far as compacts go, it is big and heavy and so can hardly be called a compact. It’s just now that I’m using the iPhone so much I just don’t bring the G10 along anymore. It does outperform the iPhone hands down, especially in low light. But my phone is always with me and the G10 although small enough, doesn’t fit in my pockets and so needs a little planning if I bring it along.

Compact camera manufacturers are losing market share to smart phones more and more. For most people it is just easier to take their phone a snap a quick shot and then share it with a touch on the screen. We bought our daughter a nice Canon point & shoot last Christmas and she hardly uses it, she uses her iPod! The future for point & shoot cameras (a single purpose tool) is quickly losing its value for most consumers. It’s a different story for pro or serious hobbyists, we can appreciate the value of a good point & shoot but for how long?

Of course my G10 is still being used but just A LOT less now. This summer I used my iPhone while at different concerts and it was pretty much useless! If I had my G10 I would’ve got some better shots. So in certain situations I’ll still need my trusty G10. Hey that shot of the G10 was taken with my iPhone, processed with the TtV Photo Studio app and after emailed it to my hosting service and then linked here in this blog post, all without connecting any wires. It just works right? HA love it, so much fun ;-)

BTW, here’s an iOS5 update – Each time I connect my iPhone to my mac I get the pop-up letting me know about the new software update and I am sooooo tempted to click update BUT I have remained true to my post last week and did not update yet ;-) Very tempting to say YES update! It’s such a positive thing right? I have read that the new iCloud service is causing some issues regarding photos. It seems you cannot select which images get transferred to iCloud, it’s either all or nothing. So that means each and every crappy shot that I take will get transferred between each device that is connected to iCloud. Sounds like more of a pain than helpful. You can turn off the photos from being transferred in case it gets too much. Anyway I’m still holding off upgrading to iOS5 for now but will probably in the next week unless I hear of some big issues.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


iOS5 – Keep Calm and Carry On

Hey there,

So Apple is releasing the new iOS5 on Wednesday and although very tempting to upgrade I think I’ll wait a little to see if there are any issues. There have been in the past and I expect certain apps to stop working and perhaps other glitches as well. It’s very easy to get caught up in the media hype, especially Apple hype that always makes the headlines, and feel like you NEED this new iWhatever.  I’ve been guilty of jumping on the upgrade bandwagon before and wish I hadn’t. I never had any serious issues just small annoying things like an application that no longer works. But Apple makes it easy to want this upgrade considering it will cost zero dollars and has over 200 new features, thanks Apple.

The Life in LoFi website has a great searchable app compatibility grid here that you should check out. It should be updated soon after the iOS5 update.

Anyway for me I’ll be patient and wait a little. Makes me think of that saying? Keep Calm and Carry On

Thanks for reading, Patrick


RIP Steve Jobs 1955 – 2011

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

A sad day…


iPhone Image Organizing Tip

Hey there,

I’ve noticed as I work on more and more images on my iPhone that managing all the various versions of the different processing I do can get confusing. You can’t create folders on the iPhone to help with the sorting. I did create a Textures folder via my iMac, so whenever I shoot (with the iPhone) a photo that I want to use as a texture on my iPhone, I send it to my desktop and then send it directly to this Textures folder that it synched with the iPhone. So I then have a special folder on my iPhone as pictured here. As you can see there aren’t too many, yet!! I’m working on that ;-) Ok so this workaround is annoying but helps a lot with my workflow. I wonder how the Apple iCloud service will help with this kind of thing. Oh by the way I guess I should mention the new iPhone 4s here seeing it was announced today. So click here to watch the Apple video on the 4s. New 8MP camera which is nice but also the optics are also improved. The new camera has a maximum aperture of f2.4 compared to f2.8 on the iPhone 4, so it’s a little better. I won’t be changing to the 4s anytime soon because I’ve only had the 4 for about 8 months. I can wait until the version 5 or 5s or whatever it’ll be.

Anyone have any organizing tips for me?

Ok so this weekend I was busy shooting not with my iPhone (well I did a little iPhone shooting) but with my Nikon D300 which I got back from Nikon Canada from being repaired. Boy did it feel odd shooting with that beast again!!! There is something special about hearing that motor drive shoot out bursts of rapid frames in a few seconds, nice…. The photo club I’m part of had organized an outing up north to see the fall colours and also take a helicopter ride. So while I was waiting for my turn in the heli I took a few shots with the iPhone and here is one that I like. It’s a detail of a helicopter antenna.

detail shot of a helicopter antenna

Helicopter Antenna

So that’s all for now. I’ve been going non stop for a week now and it’s starting to take its tole on me and I need to sleep.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


iPhone Photo Editing – The Future Looks Bright

I was working on an sunset image I took and wanted to try to improve a blown out area in the clouds. I remembered seeing a clone option in the Filterstorm app, so I tried it. I was impressed at how well it worked. Here’s the before and after of the shot in question.

two images showing before and after processing

before and after cloning with Filterstorm

I find it amazing at what can be done with these apps, and there are new apps coming out all the time. I used Filterstorm to clone the clouds in this image but after doing some research I see that there are others like Photoforge & Touchretouch. I did not find the cloning option in Photoforge2!!!! I went and bought the TouchRetouch app and processed the same image with the cloning tool. Here it is…


Image processed with Touchretouch

TouchRetouch was easy to use and they even have embedded video tutorials. It has a simple UI and does a great job. Kinda like the Photoshop content aware tool that came out with CS5. Not sure which app I prefer for this situation but TouchRetouch is easier to work with. It was easier to reposition the source point compared to Filterstorm. I do like that you can change the opacity of the brush in Filterstorm when cloning. As you can see I need to play some more… cool. I know I’ll be using these apps a lot.

The future looks fun :-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick

p.s.: Any feedback you have on this blog would be appreciated. It’s a new thing for me and I’m hoping to keep it going.


Apps, apps and more apps!

too many photo apps

iPhone Photo apps

Apps, apps and more apps! Ok, I think I’ve gone overboard. My photography apps have been accumulating up to the point where I need to STOP downloading any more and just learn the ones I have. I use Camera+ for the camera, Instagram (@patgervais) for sharing and then a mix of everything else. I just gotPhotoForge2 that looks amazing and will spend a lot of time learning it. I need to get used to these apps and create a workflow.

Do you have any suggestions?