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The Art of iPhoneography, by Stephanie C. Roberts

Hey there,

image of book by Stephanie C. Roberts

The Art of iPhoneography by Stephanie C. Roberts

I just received my copy of this new book “The Art of iPhoneography” by Stephanie C. Roberts. At first glance and after a quick flip through, the layout is very nice and it’s filled with great images. The shape of the book is the same as the iPhone 4, that’s fun. It is almost 4 times the size though !! Thankful for that.

There are app reviews and tips on how to use them and lots and lots of creative ideas to get you out shooting with your iPhone. There is also a section where the author features iPhoneographers from all over the world. I am looking forward to this section most.

We are also invited to join various communities like Flickr, Tumbler, Posterous & Twitter. There are all kinds of references to iPhoneographers on Twitter which will be great to explore them all.

I haven’t read the book yet so I’ll refrain from giving an actual review. I may later after I’ve gone through it cover to cover.

Thanks for reading, Patrick