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Filterstorm 4, Annie Leibovitz and more iPhone lenses!!!

Hey there,

Yahoo! The recent update to Filterstorm now adds layers! The main reason I use Photoforge2 is because of the layers, now I have a second option. Filterstorm 4 has lots of great features including opacity and blending modes with each layer. The masking tool works really well and you can switch tools while masking including the move tool so it’s much easier than Photoforge2. I will be playing with it to explore all the new features.

What does Annie Leibovitz think about the iPhone camera? I thought I would throw this in here just for fun :-)

And here is an image I made the other night. It’s a detail shot from a bottle of tequila I bought in Mexico this summer. Imagine if I had a macro lens for the iPhone.

Agave plant in glass

Agave by Patrick Gervais

I had a post a while back where I talked about different iPhone lenses that were available. Since then there have been a few more on the market;

  1. Holga has this new contraption, only $25 but looks pretty odd!
  2. PhotoJoJo has added a second model for serious iPhoneographers, expensive at $249 and looks really bulky.
  3. There was another one I saw recently but can’t find it now.
I think I’m leaning towards the olloclip myself.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


iPhone Photo Editing – The Future Looks Bright

I was working on an sunset image I took and wanted to try to improve a blown out area in the clouds. I remembered seeing a clone option in the Filterstorm app, so I tried it. I was impressed at how well it worked. Here’s the before and after of the shot in question.

two images showing before and after processing

before and after cloning with Filterstorm

I find it amazing at what can be done with these apps, and there are new apps coming out all the time. I used Filterstorm to clone the clouds in this image but after doing some research I see that there are others like Photoforge & Touchretouch. I did not find the cloning option in Photoforge2!!!! I went and bought the TouchRetouch app and processed the same image with the cloning tool. Here it is…


Image processed with Touchretouch

TouchRetouch was easy to use and they even have embedded video tutorials. It has a simple UI and does a great job. Kinda like the Photoshop content aware tool that came out with CS5. Not sure which app I prefer for this situation but TouchRetouch is easier to work with. It was easier to reposition the source point compared to Filterstorm. I do like that you can change the opacity of the brush in Filterstorm when cloning. As you can see I need to play some more… cool. I know I’ll be using these apps a lot.

The future looks fun :-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick

p.s.: Any feedback you have on this blog would be appreciated. It’s a new thing for me and I’m hoping to keep it going.


Apps, apps and more apps!

too many photo apps

iPhone Photo apps

Apps, apps and more apps! Ok, I think I’ve gone overboard. My photography apps have been accumulating up to the point where I need to STOP downloading any more and just learn the ones I have. I use Camera+ for the camera, Instagram (@patgervais) for sharing and then a mix of everything else. I just gotPhotoForge2 that looks amazing and will spend a lot of time learning it. I need to get used to these apps and create a workflow.

Do you have any suggestions?


Yeah! My Highly Processed Silhouette

My silhouette taken and processed all with my iPhone 4

My silhouette

So I was bored today, waiting for a customer that was almost 30 minutes late. So after sitting and walking around in circles I saw my shadow on the cement floor. Ok now I go from bored to excited as soon as I “saw” the image I wanted to make. Pull out the iPhone, open Camera+ and start framing and trying different poses. I got this shot almost right away and then started processing. I mostly used PhotoForge2 but also used Filterstorm and Iris. YEAH!

Thanks for reading, Patrick