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Evening Swing

boy swinging in the evening

Evening Swing

I followed the kids out to the swing at dusk this past weekend and was lucky to catch this moment.  I’ve always loved silhouettes. One of the advantages of iPhoneography is that you pretty much have your camera with you all the time, as I did in this case. I was able to get a few shots before he jumped off and climbed the tree! I got a few shots of that too :-) You need to be quick when capturing kids. I was a little surprised that the iPhone did such a good job with this shot. The kids were all over the place and I was rushing to try to get in place to take the shot because I knew it wouldn’t last long. I actually had to ask him to swing a little more because by the time I was in place he was getting on to other things like climbing that tree. So he kept swinging some more and I just did the best I could and kept pressing the shutter. I gazed at the screen a little between shots to see how they were looking and adjusted my composition a little and then swoosh times up, moment over. Gotta climb that tree ;-)

I’ve been playing with so many apps recently. I think I used  Snapseed and Instagram for this shot. I’m really starting to get a feel for the apps, their strong and weak points, and so I’m learning a lot. Snapseed is great, especially the control points you can add and then make selective adjustments like the other NIK Software products. I have a few of their products (Silver Efex Pro, HDR Efex Pro, Viveza & Color Efex Pro) that I use all the time with my DSLR photography and really love them.

One new app I discovered is Image Blender, it allows you to blend two images together and also assign various blending modes like overlay, multiply, soft light etc… In the image below I added the music notation in the top left area from a texture. It was originally much larger but I pinched it down to fit into the space to make it look like it belonged there. I also used other apps as well which is becoming the norm. I’ve been using on average about 2 – 3 apps per image unless it is something very simple where I don’t want anything fancy.

edge of frame photo


Now on to more shooting and apping, ahhhhh so much fun.

Thanks for reading, Patrick