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Image of the Week #11 – Pat Shourds

Yosemite Falls by Pat Shourds

Hi there,

Yosemite Falls by Pat Shourds is a great shot. It has amazing detail in the stone, and the dramatic sky adds a lot. This was shot with an iPhone 3gs and is impressive for that camera, or phone eh or smart phone, he he he.

I asked Pat to explain the Yosemite Falls shot and so here it is:  “A one shot serendipity. If you’re out exploring long enough, it will eventually happen to all of us. In Landscape photography it’s been said, “No Light, No Clouds, No Shot”. When I processed the image, I tried to play the power of the water and sky against a tranquil landscape. I roiled up the clouds, and turned them Black and White. Dodging and burning, saturation, and selective sharpening rounded out the processing.”

Pat was kind enough to give us a little background as to his beginnings with photography:

“My photo beginnings go back to my kid days. A Brownie Box Camera for Christmas. In High School my dad built me a small darkroom in the garage. I shot Black and White and made lots of bad prints, but had a blast. I always had a camera along to record my mountain adventures and purchased my first digital camera in 2005. I’ve shot all kinds of events, done portraits etc., but my true love has always remained in landscape photography. I’ve participated in several gallery shows in Santa Barbara. I process, and print all my own images, with few exceptions.

Bought my first iphone in 2009 thinking I would use the camera for snapshots to send to family and friends. When I started using Twitter I quickly found a lively group of creative people producing the most amazing images from that “Little Thing”. I was hooked! Kudos to all the “Early Birds” who shinned a bright light into the world of iphoneography.

 Lately I have gravitated back to my passion of landscape photography.

On my recent 3 week trip to the Eastern Sierra, I took an equal number of iphone and DSLR shots, often coming up with better iphone compositions. The iphone, with its “Live View” makes it easy to explore different POVs and take and review lots of images quickly. So I use my DSLR to compliment my iphone and vise versa. Best of both worlds.

My goto apps are Filterstorm, Tiffen PhotoFx, Touch Retouch, Photoforge2, Snapseed,and BlurFx. With my new iphone 4s I mostly use the native camera, but also Camera Genius, and Pro HDR .”

Thanks to Pat for sharing. You can connect with him here:

Thank you all for reading and a special happy Thanksgiving Sunday to all the American readers, enjoy your day with family, friends food and lots of football :-) Patrick


iPhone Image Organizing Tip

Hey there,

I’ve noticed as I work on more and more images on my iPhone that managing all the various versions of the different processing I do can get confusing. You can’t create folders on the iPhone to help with the sorting. I did create a Textures folder via my iMac, so whenever I shoot (with the iPhone) a photo that I want to use as a texture on my iPhone, I send it to my desktop and then send it directly to this Textures folder that it synched with the iPhone. So I then have a special folder on my iPhone as pictured here. As you can see there aren’t too many, yet!! I’m working on that ;-) Ok so this workaround is annoying but helps a lot with my workflow. I wonder how the Apple iCloud service will help with this kind of thing. Oh by the way I guess I should mention the new iPhone 4s here seeing it was announced today. So click here to watch the Apple video on the 4s. New 8MP camera which is nice but also the optics are also improved. The new camera has a maximum aperture of f2.4 compared to f2.8 on the iPhone 4, so it’s a little better. I won’t be changing to the 4s anytime soon because I’ve only had the 4 for about 8 months. I can wait until the version 5 or 5s or whatever it’ll be.

Anyone have any organizing tips for me?

Ok so this weekend I was busy shooting not with my iPhone (well I did a little iPhone shooting) but with my Nikon D300 which I got back from Nikon Canada from being repaired. Boy did it feel odd shooting with that beast again!!! There is something special about hearing that motor drive shoot out bursts of rapid frames in a few seconds, nice…. The photo club I’m part of had organized an outing up north to see the fall colours and also take a helicopter ride. So while I was waiting for my turn in the heli I took a few shots with the iPhone and here is one that I like. It’s a detail of a helicopter antenna.

detail shot of a helicopter antenna

Helicopter Antenna

So that’s all for now. I’ve been going non stop for a week now and it’s starting to take its tole on me and I need to sleep.

Thanks for reading, Patrick