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Mobile Photography Challenge February Theme

Hey there,

So the January challenge is over and 18 images from 12 different mobile photographers were submitted to the Flickr group. Thanks to everyone who participated !!! I was happy to see that some people went ahead with the self-portrait even if they were uncomfortable. Each image is unique and is great to look through them all as a collection.

So the theme for February is “Letting Go“. Ok so this theme is a little more open to interpretation than January’s theme, self-portrait, but can in fact be easier for some people. If you look at this Google image search result of letting go you’ll see lots of hands letting go of objects. Some of them are interesting and well done but try think of the theme on a personal level. Have you let go of something or someone recently? Letting go can appear as a sad theme at first but it doesn’t have to be, you could be letting go of some stress that has been weighing you down for a while or letting go of a responsibility you never wanted. It doesn’t even have to be about you! It could be anything you want it to be. So we have until February 29th to submit up to 3 images to the Flickr group. Have fun…

No restriction this time on format so anything goes.

As in January please submit your images to the Flickr group pool but you can also add your images in the discussion thread for the February theme. This is a better method for discussing among the people who are doing the challenge.

Thanks for reading and good luck, Patrick


Happy Holidays

Hey there,

I wish you all a very happy holidays ;-) Enjoy this special time with family and friends. I will not be posting the Image of the Week series until the new year. It’s a very busy time for me with work and also with all the holiday activity.

I will spend some time in the next weeks thinking about the Mobile Photography Challenge 2012 and will be posting about it soon. I have the theme for January figured out ;-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Mobile Photography Challenge 2012

Hey there,

I’ve been thinking of doing some kind of mobile photography challenge in 2012. I first thought of doing another 365 project only with my iPhone but have decided to do something different. I thought it would be fun to create a challenge along with other mobile photographers so we can share and follow each other throughout the year. So my idea is to have a monthly challenge that anyone can participate in. We can  help and encourage each other and after each challenge we can share the images and discuss them together.

The challenge would be given at the beginning of each month and images would be submitted by the end of the month. We could then organize a discussion. I have a few ideas on how to go about this, maybe a Google+ Hangout or a Flickr group. Any ideas??

I would like to hear back from you to see if you are interested in this challenge and am open to all your suggestions as to the logistics.

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks for reading, Patrick