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Filterstorm 4, Annie Leibovitz and more iPhone lenses!!!

Hey there,

Yahoo! The recent update to Filterstorm now adds layers! The main reason I use Photoforge2 is because of the layers, now I have a second option. Filterstorm 4 has lots of great features including opacity and blending modes with each layer. The masking tool works really well and you can switch tools while masking including the move tool so it’s much easier than Photoforge2. I will be playing with it to explore all the new features.

What does Annie Leibovitz think about the iPhone camera? I thought I would throw this in here just for fun :-)

And here is an image I made the other night. It’s a detail shot from a bottle of tequila I bought in Mexico this summer. Imagine if I had a macro lens for the iPhone.

Agave plant in glass

Agave by Patrick Gervais

I had a post a while back where I talked about different iPhone lenses that were available. Since then there have been a few more on the market;

  1. Holga has this new contraption, only $25 but looks pretty odd!
  2. PhotoJoJo has added a second model for serious iPhoneographers, expensive at $249 and looks really bulky.
  3. There was another one I saw recently but can’t find it now.
I think I’m leaning towards the olloclip myself.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #10 – Dixon Hamby

Hey there,

This is an image from Dixon Hamby’s pole art street series. You can see them all on his Flickr page. This series is based on combining posters from street poles and including the surroundings to add to the impact and often create a play on many elements. It is ever-growing with new work being added all the time.

I first saw Dixon’s work in “The Art of iPhoneography” book where he is one of the featured photographers. He says “Photography keeps me in the present. It’s essentially a part of my life. No matter what problems I’ve had, I’ve always been able to take pictures. Photography makes me see the world and helps me shift my focus off my own problems.” Dixon is a Twitter consultant and teaches classes at a Seattle college. He is a very active Twitter tweeter, uh or whatever you call someone who tweets a lot, other than actual birds that is :-) he he he.

You can connect with Dixon here;

Dixon has exhibited his work at Pixels at an Exhibition in Berkeley California, Eye’Em Exhibition in Berlin in 2010 and iPhoneography and the Automobile Exhibition 2010 in Milan, Italy.

Thanks to Dixon for allowing the use of his image :-)

Thanks to you so much for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #9 – Clint Cline

Walking with Lomora | Spekled

Walking with Lomora | Spekled by Clint Cline

Hey there,

Happy Sunday everyone! Clint Cline’s image “Walking with Lomora | Speckled” caught my eye immediately. There’s a quality of light, composition and colour that just hit me. It is also different from what I’ve seen from Clint. If you look through his Flickr photo stream you’ll see lots of artistic composite work with textures and graphics. I found out from Clint that he likes to take a break from his normal style of heavily apped images and focus on “photography using light and form instead of effects.” Clint has many Flickr sets based on different topics and concepts. This is a good way to view his many works.

The below text was sent to me from Clint for this blog post.

What an honor to be featured at Going Mobile!

I’m a Florida-based writer/designer/shooter. I began photography as a photojournalist where I saw the world principally through the grains of TriX400. From there I moved on to experiment with odd and rare film types. I made the digital leap reluctantly 10 years ago, making quite a show of kicking and screaming at the time. In fact, just last month I gave in and donated a freezer full of film (you know, the long dark stuff with sprockets…) to a school with a real photo lab! And while I still own several DSLRs, they’ve since taken a backseat to my iPhone.

What an amazing time to be alive! Digital has spawned a tremendous democratization of visual expression and – despite the claptrap that inevitably arises – we are all better for it. In the Proverbs it says ‘as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another’ …. likewise the explosive evolution in digital photography (and now iPhonography) is challenging and pushing and elevating a larger discussion on the power and use of visual communication. Now with the advent of spatial cameras that allow the viewer to actually control what they see in an image – shifting intent from the photographer to the viewer – we’re about to see another seismic shift in visual expression. I only hope it comes with the sense of community that has arisen with iPhonography. I am sharpened everyday to see the abundance of talent, some directed, some still making its way, that finds expression through the iPhone.

If I had to sum up a philosophy of the way I shoot, I’d turn to C.S. Lewis (Narnia) and echo his comment that, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else.”

Clint’s works have been exhibited in Venarey le Laumes, France at the Exposition d’iPhonographie, at Pennsylvania’s Photo Media Center’s inaugural iPhoneArt show, on P1xels,, LifeInLoFi, and by several app developers such as ProCamera and Scratchcam.

I hope you enjoy Clint’s work and spend some time browsing his images. Thank you Clint for being so helpful.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Is Less Really More?

A Lesser Photographer

Hey there,

I just finished reading “A Lesser Photographer – A Manifesto” by CJ Chilvers.

CJ explains the idea behind it as below. Taken from his blog page.

“Photographers are being bombarded by content that has only further removed them from their creativity (and money). They’re aching for something to cut through the nonsense and remind them of why they fell in love with photography in the first place.

This is my manifesto; universal truths I’ve learned since selling off my fancy cameras and challenging myself to maximize my creativity by minimizing everything else.”

It is free to download and is an easy read. I suggest you do just that. I especially enjoyed the part where CJ talks about how many blogs and even top photographers are “selling” the idea of “going pro” to wanna-be photographers who are disillusioned with the idea of becoming a pro photographer.

I don’t think I’m ready to get rid of my dslr just yet! :-) I am having lots of fun with my iPhone but I also really LOVE my dslr. I also have a Canon G10 point and shoot that is collecting dust but still has its place for times when I know I’ll have some good photo opportunities, maybe in low light conditions, but don’t want to lug around my dslr.

Let me know what you think about the Manifesto. Do you agree?

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #8 – AikBeng Chia

Mr Chua by AikBeng Chia

Hey there,

I’m very happy to be featuring AikBeng Chia this week. He’s known in the iPhoneography community simply as ABC and has an impressive following. This image, “Mr. Chua”, is part of a series of shots where AikBeng meets Mr. Chua, who is a homeless 81-year-old man, on the streets of Singapore. AikBeng finds Mr. Chua again and brings him for a meal when this image was taken. You can see the whole series here on ABC’s Flickr stream. I think this is a good representation of AikBeng’s style, lots of b & w street photography. You can feel Mr. Chua’s difficult life in this portrait.

ABC is a recent member of “The Mobile Photo Group“. Established in 2011, The Mobile Photo Group is an international collective of mobile photographers dedicated to promoting their work and presenting mobile photography as an important and evolving form of photography.

See here for a spotlight on the Eyeem site.

Connect with AikBeng here;

I’ll close here with a quote from Henri Cartier-Bresson that AikBeng feels sums up street portraiture ; “In a portrait, I’m looking for the silence in somebody.”

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Pixoto Top 10% Mobile Photos Award


I was happy to see that one of my images made it to the top 10% of the mobile photos category on Pixoto for the week of October 23, 2011. Lots of amazing work in there. Enjoy the weekend everyone :-)

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Roger Guetta Exhibition at Visual Voice Art Gallery

Kalipha by Roger Guetta

Kalipha by Roger Guetta

Hey there,

I’m looking forward to Roger Guetta’s iPhonography exhibition November 12th to the 27th here in Montreal. I featured Roger’s work a couple of weeks ago, you can read the post here.

The Visual Voice Art Gallery showcases contemporary painting, print, photography, installation and sculpture. The gallery is located in Montreal’s largest centre of the visual arts, the Belgo building, situated in the heart of down-town Montreal. The Belgo is currently home to over 30 art galleries and artist’s studios.

Hope you can make it to the exhibition.

Thanks for reading, Patrick


Image of the Week #7 – JoGo

High Land by JoGo

High Land by JoGo

Hey there,

I started following Jo’s Flickr photo stream last year when I was doing my 365 project. She is very active on Flickr and has lots of people paying attention to her work. She has a special “look” that is her own. Her processing is always fantastic and artistic.

Jo sent me the following comment;  “Basically, I got into iphoneography when I realised what an amazingly versatile tool I had readily available, in my pocket, at all times. I love to take pictures, and I love to edit. Taking a picture is one thing, and the iphone can produce a really fine image SOOC, but what I really love to do is enhance an image, give it a unique look, a texture, some grunge, a twist, and with the iPhone you can do this so easily all from within the phone via the awesome and the numerous Apps available. And that is what I find so brilliant and love the most, it does it all and it does it so well! And it is so much fun. And it can keep me entertained for hours. Literally!”

As Jo mentioned iPhonography is fun and that is a major attraction for all iPhoneographers I think. Sometimes shooting with a DSLR can be too much for some people. Just carrying the gear around needs planning. Having a mobile phone with a good camera makes things easy and enables us to capture images we wouldn’t normally be able to. Many people use their mobile phones to take snapshots of everyday things, do a little processing and share it online. Others take it a bit further and create amazing images that continue to impress people, especially when you tell them you shot it with your iPhone! I think Jo does just that.

See here for an interview with Jo after she finished her 2010 365 project.

And go check out her new blog here I just discovered doing a Google search on Jo :-)

Thanks for reading and thanks to Jo for allowing me to use her image, Patrick


Image of the Week #6

Image pic #41 by Souichi Furusho

Image pic #41 by Souichi Furusho

Hey there,

Souichi Furusho is a relative newcomer to photography but has made a big splash with his amazing iPhoneography.  Souichi is a graphic designer in Japan and only started with iPhotography earlier this year. I really love this image with its symmetry, silhouetted figure, square format and black & white treatment. Isn’t that a winning recipe??? Many of Souichi’s images have silhouettes with very clean and simple compositions. Although most of his work is in black & white, he also treats colour in a unique way with often only one prominent colour. Looking through his Flickr stream you’ll see that he has sets based on selected colours, which is an interesting way to view those images. They all have very high impact. I particularly love this one. The next photo in his Flickr stream also goes with this one and creates a larger image.

There is a short interview between Soichi and iPhoneogenic here when he was selected as iPhoneographer of the week a couple of months ago.

Links to where to connect with Souichi

I hope you enjoy Souichi’s work and spend some time exploring his interesting creations.
Thanks for reading, Patrick

My Canon G10 is Retiring

my point and shoot collecting dust

My Canon G10

Hey there,

I feel sad, my trusty Canon G10 has been collecting dust these last few weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love that camera. It’s a tank! Very solid, and I love all the manual dials for quick access to make exposure changes. It really is a great compact. Well as far as compacts go, it is big and heavy and so can hardly be called a compact. It’s just now that I’m using the iPhone so much I just don’t bring the G10 along anymore. It does outperform the iPhone hands down, especially in low light. But my phone is always with me and the G10 although small enough, doesn’t fit in my pockets and so needs a little planning if I bring it along.

Compact camera manufacturers are losing market share to smart phones more and more. For most people it is just easier to take their phone a snap a quick shot and then share it with a touch on the screen. We bought our daughter a nice Canon point & shoot last Christmas and she hardly uses it, she uses her iPod! The future for point & shoot cameras (a single purpose tool) is quickly losing its value for most consumers. It’s a different story for pro or serious hobbyists, we can appreciate the value of a good point & shoot but for how long?

Of course my G10 is still being used but just A LOT less now. This summer I used my iPhone while at different concerts and it was pretty much useless! If I had my G10 I would’ve got some better shots. So in certain situations I’ll still need my trusty G10. Hey that shot of the G10 was taken with my iPhone, processed with the TtV Photo Studio app and after emailed it to my hosting service and then linked here in this blog post, all without connecting any wires. It just works right? HA love it, so much fun ;-)

BTW, here’s an iOS5 update – Each time I connect my iPhone to my mac I get the pop-up letting me know about the new software update and I am sooooo tempted to click update BUT I have remained true to my post last week and did not update yet ;-) Very tempting to say YES update! It’s such a positive thing right? I have read that the new iCloud service is causing some issues regarding photos. It seems you cannot select which images get transferred to iCloud, it’s either all or nothing. So that means each and every crappy shot that I take will get transferred between each device that is connected to iCloud. Sounds like more of a pain than helpful. You can turn off the photos from being transferred in case it gets too much. Anyway I’m still holding off upgrading to iOS5 for now but will probably in the next week unless I hear of some big issues.

Thanks for reading, Patrick